Tianjin snack industry enters high speed to send exhibition period ab extra bran
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Tianjin (TianJin) , it is one of 4 big municipalities directly under the Central Government of Chinese, the economic center of Chinese north, international haven city, zoology city. Tianjin city is located in the center that economy of annulus Bohai Sea encircles, the financial center that is north of the opens city, latter-day industry littoral home with Chinese the largest north, latter-day China, latter-day of north of the coastal city that opens to the outside world the earliest, our country marine with industrial center. Tianjin city administer 18 areas, county, city area under administration 15, city administer county 3. Whole town often lives population 10.75 million person.
On March 13, 2008, integrated form a complete set reforms Tianjin seaside new developed area the experiment is overall plan wins give an official of the State Council, reform of development of new developed area of mark Tianjin seaside, development is open appear new phase.
On September 27, 2008 - 28 days, tianjin summer amounts to Wo Si forum (world economy forum is gotten newly army person annual meeting) will be in Tianjin seaside international exhibition center (BICEC) hold, this will make the historical culture that reveals Tianjin and the good good luck that economic society develops, understand the national strategy deploy that advances development of seaside new developed area to open to letting the whole world particularly, recommend Tianjin and seaside new developed area to will have great and positive effect.
During 2008 summers amount to Wo Si, people net·Tianjin window is special roll out series of ” of “ impression Tianjin, panoramic a lot of level such as the economy that describes Tianjin, culture, society, life, review the history, decipher Tianjin, with fresh character, incident, show the elegant demeanour glamour of Tianjin to the world.
It is below: The 21st collect·Tianjin serves estate development
Advancement of day of ” of true kongfu of “ of brand of chain of the biggest snack is stationed in the home that comes from Guangdong ferry city, it is reported, this is this brand is in the 278th domestic each store that big city opens; The ferry town that develops flourishingly attracts brands of more and more ab extra snack to garrison. Scan widely looks, kendeji, Mcdonald's, earth energetically, face of love of Home Ji Ye, face, big round bowl, Dekeshi, big get married, surely win Western-style snack inn already was in in a home such as the guest ferry city blossom everywhere, industry of ferry city snack enters high speed to send exhibition period.
Chief introduction says related committee of major of snack of city meal guild, the course develops quickly for years, snack industry already made the sunny industry with the biggest space of the development in meal industry, look from countrywide limits, at present snack industry already held meal market the portion of 45% , and among them Chinese style snack shared the 8 component forehead of snack industry big cake. The personage inside course of study points out, ab extra brand already took job of ferry city snack at present 7 into above, share of snack of Chinese style of ferry city mainland is still skimpy 3 into, snack of native land Chinese style still needs to realizing course of study of standardization, tarry to my wife ability, strengthen the respect such as management to try hard.
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