Nanning undertakes section of chef of the seventeenth China
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(Reporter Qin Liang) section of chef of the 16th China and South America of suitable heart mountain feed by a definite date the Cultural Festival is in Guangdong Fosan city to arrange heart area victory to conclude yesterday. On closure, huang Huansheng of Nanning city deputy mayor from Chinese cooking association standard of Chinese chef feast had been received in hand of standing vice-chairman willow, this is indicating the our city is formal undertake section of chef of the seventeenth China.

As we have learned, section of chef of the 16th China shares 2300 people of formal representing, informal delegate makes an appointment with 15000 people, among them 380 people of abroad and formal representing, 1200 people of abroad informal representing, ginseng postpone a business 530. The our city expedited the delegacy that is colonel with deputy mayor Huang Huansheng to play part of current China chef.

Activity of section of current China chef is numerous, content is rich, the activity that attributes initiate among them has cate of the first Bao of Asian, suitable heart hutch of 1000 people banquet, China art absolutely live show, cooking robot performance, attracted numerous the domestic and international honored guest that comes round to look around, especially the first Bao of Asian sends soup activity freely, share name of admire of 33 thousand person to come round to sample.

Atmosphere of solar term of current China chef is enthusiastic, visiting number is numerous, exposition of drink of its Chinese meal visits a number to amount to 150 thousand person-time into the house, china gust cate is on sale visiting number amounts to 30 much person-time, festooned vehicle make one's rounds swims mobile visiting number amounts to 30 much person-time.

Section of chef of the seventeenth China will be held in the our city in October at next year, activity with — of “ promotional China east communication of alliance cate culture, breed hutch art Great Master, promote ” of China meal culture to give priority to a problem, read extensively by international of hall of business affairs of region of Chinese cooking association, Guangxi, Guangxi government of people of city of clerical bureau, Nanning is sponsorred jointly. Whole activity is exhibited by “ , ” of section, contest, meeting 4 big board piece composition, besides reveal the Chinese nation besides bright cate culture, still specially invite east the delegacy ginseng of 10 countries exhibits alliance, ginseng meeting, ceaseless and promotional China and east the cate culture communication of alliance.

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