Taiwan cate Cultural Festival is the same as stage athletics in chef of stage of
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Fujian daily dispatch (contain of reporter Yang Yi) 22 days, by the province labor and social security hall are sponsorred, the “ Fujian stage that association of communication of two sides of area of Jin Ma of orgnaization of training of obtain employment of cross-strait gold bridge, Taiwan undertakes jointly performance of skill of fastfood cooking profession surpasses two ground ” is by park of Fuzhou hot spring hold, this is the Fujian station that to promote cross-strait profession skill communication runs first contest of fastfood cooking skill. With day, “ treasure island is fastfood, china waves ” of Cultural Festival of cate of sweet —— Taiwan also is pulled open prelusive. Vice-governor Li Chuan, yu Muming of new party chairman is opening ceremony cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony.
The performance is surpassed with Fujian stage appearance gust of similar 6 kinds of characteristic is fastfood as agonistic project, two sides of invite to meet together is famous and fastfood the master is made with stage spot treatment, and the spot is random and draw-out 10 audiences regard masses commissioner and 5 two sides as commissioner of famous cooking expert criticize an aspect on the spot.

Decoct of young of the Ke austral the stage, spend miscarriage to carry the gust cate with about a hundred kinds of famous Taiwan such as banger of son face, bier board, Taiwan to appear in the collective on food festival, the master of the cate that make and use raw material, dressing all comes from Taiwan. ” of Cultural Festival of “ Taiwan cate will be in motherland mainland in succession 20 many provinces (city, area) itinerate is held, till 2008 the Olympic Games ends. Fuzhou is the 3rd station of afterwards Nanchang, Wuhan, will last to 27 days of evening.

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