What to eat to concern political chef to announce state banquet bill of fare
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What does Diaoyutai take to receive foreign visitor, this to outsider it is a mystery, to total hutch division commander, it is a not easy thing however. China is the country of culture of a very exquisite food, the foreign guest that call in should enjoy the dietary culture of Chinese characteristic already, want to retain their ethical trait again. Had been adjusted, can let foreign guest joyful; Adjust bad, will cause international effect. Also prove from this: Diplomacy
Without bagatelle.

China and Singapore establish diplomatic relations before long, singapore premier Li Guangyao and presidential Huang Jinxiang allow to come on invitation when China visit, stay in house of Diaoyutai state guest. The food of these Chinese descendant is used to, still retaining ethical trait, to Western-style food disinclination.

The staff member that accompany visits grows a proposal to total chef: Breakfast had better nod deep-fried twisted dough sticks, soya-bean milk, jellied bean curd, small pickles. This is Chinese ordinary common people the common occurrence on the desk. They are in China time of ten days, everyday breakfast asks to have those things, do not return click of the tongue to praise, total hutch says in division commander heart: These “ foreign guest dismiss fortunately than the Chinese. ”

A few premier of Japan, ascend below tanaka horn flourish, big Ping Zhengfang, bamboo, Zhongcenggenkanghong and sea ministry handsome tree is very loving Chinese meal. Especially sea ministry handsome tree, prandial to the Chinese traditional medicine of our country hang down admire is long already, visit to 1991 China, medicine is prandial in asking to be arranged designedly. Still have a lot of Japan guests, small basket be like,steamed stuffed bun and manual boiled dumpling taste make a clean sweep of sth, the adversary roll face, Yuanxiao, New Year cake, thin pancake made of millet flour food that has ethical distinguishing feature also is very interested, still ask to take sometimes a few go back children people taste.

In Feburary 1971, american president Buddhist nun overcomes Song Fanghua, realized the normalization that Sino-US two countries concerns, this is in at that time is the important matter that stuns the world, zhou En comes premier personally fete is entertained. China is very poor still at that time backward, a lot of common people abdomen of be on short commons. Eat to state banquet why content feels mysterious, they are guessed foolishly with subjective imagination, derivative also a lot of hearsays. Still having a main factor is, chinese common people has resentment to American.

At that time, the order that Premier Zhou gives diplomatic personnel make known to lower levels is “ enthusiasm easy, neither haughty nor humble ” . Also include food to entertain of course, that is to say, what does Rangnikesong eat, itself also is manner of a kind of politics. 20 pass more, the comment of people and guess the mockery that already made the history, we might as well in those days the menu on the banquet turns copy as follows:
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