Chengdu of chef of Shandong meal bound learns plain dish
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“ plain dish with hemp hot famous, but it is hemp only not just absolutely hot. ” Chengdu achieves beautiful, the plain dish nature of renown raise China and foreign countries is a piece of ablaze calling card. The boss of the controller that comes from bound of meal of Shandong Zi rich and hutch division commander and Chengdu meal bound assembles in, sentence sentence did not spread out “ to achieve culture of cate of rich of Chengdu of —— of optimal travel city, Zi to communicate meeting ” from cate ground.

The guest of Zi rich hopes to pass this communication to bring back more Chengdu characteristic meal. Of the cate that “ Chengdu is China, accordingly we chose to come to Chengdu go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures. Zhang Lujun tells the administrative total hutch of public house of home of peace and happiness of ” Zi rich the reporter, plain dish is the whole nation the development in department of 4 big vegetable gets the best, fastest food is, lu Cai also is drawing lessons from the practice of plain dish now.

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