Resume builds a holiday to be aware hutch division commander loses the job
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Report from our correspondent (Wu Yanyan of reporter of reporter Chenyi 珺) because of the practise fraud on resume, hutch division commander desertioned accordingly the job, both sides litigates from this. Recently, 2 quadrangle of city make final judgment adjudicate to this case, the reason of gentleman of king of termless dismiss an employee of cognizance meal company holds water, need not pay any salary compensation to its again.

Last year in July, mr Wang by this city invite applications for a job of limited company of management of water of the 4 feed on calm way holds the position of hutch division commander, RMB of bilateral agreement monthly wages 7000 yuan. Mr Wang is filling in when staff invite applications for a job is expressed, mention expressly in resume “2000-2004 year ” of hutch division commander holds the post of in small austral public house, sign on this watch acceptance: “ above place fills content all true, if have false, be willing to accept termless dismiss processing. ”8 month 22 days, the company is oral and repulsive Mr Wang. Company of meal of Mr Wang requirement pays salary to wait add up to more than yuan 10 thousand.

Say in the petition that meal company submits to the court, the company is because of Mr Wang in watch of invite applications for a job the resume that fills in and action hold the position of hutch division commander with its, but do not have the qualification that holds the position of hutch division commander and capacity in king of the discovery after try out, and classics investigation, wang Suo calls holding the position of the circumstance that chef of ” of small austral public house grows “ is false, reason make dismiss decision.

City thinks after 2 quadrangle cognizance, mr Wang resume has lose sincere letter, reason makes this court decision.

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