Changsha chef is clever fry " chili fries the flesh " type of small hot food is
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Dispatch of red net Changsha (Xiao Xiangchen signs up for reporter Ren Bo) delicate Hunan dish is aided promote brand of Changsha city travel, 51 golden weeks, by tens of thousands nonlocal guest swarms into Changsha, each wine shop feeds Changsha seat of government is big archives, arrive from Chinese meal, dinner food taken late at night, the business is very hot, however because cook of a few kitchens receives “ chili to fry the flesh not to put the bill of fare of chili ” again and again, want urgently to cry.
According to Yang Yan lens food interlinks orgnaization controller Yang Jun to introduce, this golden week, come ” of lens of “ Yang Yan works on the west in the nonlocal guest of road inn repast, there are 150 desks to be nonlocal guest in every 200 desks, among them the Guangdong guest that 80 desks above swims to be driven oneself. Voice of guest of a few other places says, come ” of supreme headquarters of course of this “ Hunan wants Changsha namely in well of the Changsha City, seek the open interest of big archives, sample one time the Hunan dish of former juice raw ingredient. However, when they nod sheet, be to exhort repeatedly however the service is unripe, green chili fries smoked bean curd, do not put chili; Green chili fries the flesh, do not put chili; Taste bullfrog does not put chili ……
Yang Jun says, at first the service is born receive such menu to send toward the kitchen, the Hunan dish cook in a kitchen spins sound protest: “ green chili fries the flesh, do not put chili, how to want me to fry? ”
Be born to be communicated with nonlocal guest via the service, be informed nonlocal guest to be able to eat garlic, leek. Then, it is the golden week service, series that has distinguishing feature of lake Hunan cate again only type of small hot food is rolled out. For instance, “ chili fries fleshy ” , kitchen cook uses earthy garlic head (Changsha common calls garlic braincase) will fry make, the hot feeling of earthy garlic head, classics investigation, make nonlocal guest happy and satisfactory unexpectedly, agreeing with this is the former juice raw ingredient of Hunan dish. And taste bullfrog is reformed be onion render, leek cauliflower is boiled those who make is small hot model bullfrog taste cate; Special for not the ” of “ taste shrimp that cook over a slow fire of hot guest of be addicted to makes also carried table of 51 golden weeks. The client samples when tailor-made taste shrimp, can discover shrimp of Changsha new taste has a place unexpectedly sweet, ” of bright red before “ chili juice is the ketchup that was replaced.

[Draft source: Red net is integrated]

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