Two chef should become Shanxi 2008 " Olympic Games advocate hutch "
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Report from our correspondent (special correpondent Xue Wanhu) on May 16, the reporter understands about the branch from Jincheng city, “ greets China of Olympic Games cate to exceed large award of hutch total final and international of the 4th Oriental cate to surpass ” to concluded in Beijing a few days ago, yang Zhangping of total hutch of group of Changjiang Delta of Zhang Kewen of total hutch of hotel of in relief town, Taiyuan has the honor to win “ China 100 exceed hutch ” honorary title by force.

Competition of this large award takes a net to be held jointly by party of the hutch in Chinese cooking association, China, China. Thousands of chef that comes from China, United States, Japan, Singapore signs up take part in the match. In nervous and intense contend, the “ that Zhang Kewen of total hutch of hotel of in relief town makes group Long Xianrui ” , conquered with excellent craft and distinctive taste commissioner.

Zhang Kewen is born in Henan to visit the family of a farmer of business grave city, begin to learn hutch art when 15 years old, because he is assiduous academic, be good at innovating, show itself very quickly in place. Was absorbed to be academician by Chinese cooking association last year.

In this total final, I save only Zhang Kewen and Yangzhang to make the same score two players to obtain “ China 100 exceed hutch ” honorary title by force. It is reported, during 2008 Olympic Gameses, the chef that obtains this special honour will head for Beijing, take on for each country athlete advocate hutch.

(Shanxi news network 3 advance Metropolis Daily)

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