The caution in the golden week is short of jin little protruding of the two exam
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“ 5·In one ” golden week, a lot of people are little not consume one time in hotel, guesthouse, however, qualitative inspect branch discovers in the inspection that begins before the section, existence of partial guesthouse, hotel is short of jin little two problems.

This the examination basically is mainly with the metric behavior closely related consumer, when whether the metrological implement that uses like operator trade close an account passes close an account of calibrating, trade whether flay is metric, whether to exist to destroy the illegal behavior such as metrological implement accuracy intentionally

, check guesthouse hotel in all 9, strong check metrological implement 27 () , metrological implement did not have the strong check that discovers an unit calibrating, the existence of different level loses the metrological implement that has an unit deviation.

Execute the law personnel is in Lai is a mountainous area the discovery when a restaurant is checked, every 1 kilogram enjoys the electronic level of seafood of this restaurant metage deviation 20 grams, merchant spot does not offer the certificate of conformity that goes out to measure calibrating orgnaization calibrating by law devise a stratagem, it is argue calls this balance strong this year investment only use. Lai is a mountainous area qualitative inspect substation thinks this inn already was disobeyed " measurement Law of People's Republic of China carries out detailed rules " concerned regulation, give its administrative punishment lawfully. Tall Fei of Shi Jie of reporter of riptide of reporter the Tang Dynasty

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