Street of cate of ferry door old name opens business folk-custom meal catch the
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A few days ago, be located in Tianjin station subterranean street of cate of ferry door old name starts operation formally, the old name name that will mention sacrificial vessel to have Tianjin distinguishing feature for the guest actors or actress especially food.
This cate street is located in Tianjin station underground, about 100 meters long, 30 meters wide, management area 712.2 square metre, existing shop 27, give priority to in order to run food of China old name, complementary the commodity of name spy actor with this city. The reporter sees in the spot, here gathers together
" Tianjin 3 absolutely " -- Gui Faxiang, dog is paid no attention to, the old name such as auditive eye, ; of the traditional food culture that consumer can experience Tianjin adequately, folk-custom culture still has good profit to come, the Western-style food such as coronal unripe garden, nutlet of; of demand of contented and different taste piece, collapse beans piece, leather candy piece, the distinguishing feature with the historical long inheritance such as soup of Ma Ji tea is fastfood also catch the whole lot in an action.
Heibei district government expresses about chief, come from now on by October, street of cate of ferry door old name will according to make China old name the train of thought of a street, continue to enlarge scope of operations, produce the effect of division of trade of Tianjin station underground adequately. Cate market practice is a start only, will start in succession to the end of October fall business travel division each activity, bend force makes Heibei area eat, live, travel, swim, buy, the favorable environment of amusement.

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