Book heat into holiday meal mid-autumn
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Our newspaper on September 10 dispatch (in reporter Xue Hao) became legal holiday mid-autumn, numerous meal enterprise welcomes provincial capital another business chance. The reporter visits the market to understand, this year of provincial capital meal books a quantity to increase considerably mid-autumn, book a height to also shift to an earlier date somewhat than in former years.

Although leave,still are several days mid-autumn, but provincial capital is close virtuous street, long control each public house mid-autumn of the banquet book a height to had come. “ hooks up friend, family dines together with marriage banquet, 14 days of the Mid-autumn Festival the position that day is current already place remnant very few. Chief of a hotel says ” , the Mid-autumn Festival of in former years was to arrive before 9 days people just begins to book. Encounter day going to work, the customer had a place namely that day directly.

Can tighten as a result of the coal rich that is about to kick off be next to the Mid-autumn Festival, this makes provincial capital hotel mid-autumn of business affairs banquet book also increase considerably. The hotel such as guild hall of building of charm of provincial capital advance, total advance, had received many coal rich to be able to be joined at present exhibit a group the order during mid-autumn.

In the meantime, during the Mid-autumn Festival of marriage banquet book a quantity to also rise considerably. In a few public houses that cover in the reporter, entirely marriage banquet is booked. Many “ people hope to denounce a wedding breakfast and ‘ of the Mid-autumn Festival to have double happiness the good mouth colour of ' . Chief of four-part of ” Changjiang Delta says, 3 days mid-autumn holiday, banquet of old hall marriage has been ordered entirely, and the Mid-autumn Festival was Zhou Er last year, not be national holiday, book without marriage banquet.

Controller of Taiyuan cooking association expresses, from eye antecedent condition looks, this year restaurant mid-autumn of the banquet book a quantity to will be compared the corresponding period rose last year 10 % left and right sides. In the meantime, the price of marriage banquet also will be adjusted accordingly mid-autumn this year, smaller than last year have rise.

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