Old name of peaceful wave meal is about to revive
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This year, the pull wires that is in charge of Board of Trade of city of sectional peaceful wave in old name builds the bridge under, the name of 3 big old names makes over town ” of Mei Long of ” of ” of “ Dong Fuyuan, building of “ Number One Scholar, “ enter real operation phase. The famous meal enterprise of city of much home another name for Ningbo expresses the strong interest of pair of old names.
In August the last ten-day of a month, in Board of Trade of peaceful wave city harmonious below, the high level of firm of Ningbo China weather and company of development of management of hotel of riverside of Ning Bo stone sat one case, a brand is allied spread out from this. The course negotiates, shi Pu obtained Mei Long of ” of building of “ Number One Scholar, “ to press down the access of ” name, have sex subsequently still have sleep deeply board of ” of building of “ Number One Scholar.
Almost meanwhile, big public house of Jin Guming government office also comes to an agreement with firm of Ningbo China weather, hua Tian makes over the name access of ” of “ Dong Fuyuan to give Jin Guming seat of government, latter becomes the new boss of ” of “ Dong Fuyuan.
Hep personage expresses, of collection of China nature place is “ brand safeguards compensation to expend ” , be not name access to transfer cost.
Accede in a “ on ” of old name memorandum, the reporter notices, facilitate Ning Bo of this paragraph of allied “ soubrette ” city Board of Trade superintends bear brand function.
“ we make over an enterprise to have an agreement to obtaining, ask to begin to run inside the half an year after the enterprise takes old name above all, investment wants to do business inside 1 year; Next, to make sure old name is changeless flavour, requirement enterprise must save the management characteristic with old original name and building adornment style, formulate detailed development strategy at the same time, innovate ceaselessly, let old name can continue brilliant. ”
“ begins from 2006, department of Commerce begins a brand activity of 10 thousand lis of travel, highlighted the content that protects old name mainly among them, the plan holds 1000 China old name inside 3 years, give give aid to. ” Feng Ping says.
According to reporter understanding, battle is bought in the brand in, because a few old names have taller intangible assets, good brand value to get the favour of enterprise of head of domestic and international hunt, peaceful wave enterprise also realizes this, the bridge is built to fall in the pull wires of the government sector, no matter be name owner or enterprise, show taller enthusiasm, allied job progress is greater.

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