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The spring breeze interest of the Olympic Games is blown this year, a lot of consumer are busy watch the game, be too busy him cooking cate. Company of a few snack was certain this, try to be the first extends him outside send professional work. Mcdonald's enlarged Mai Le to send the service of business limits recently. Outback door inn exceeds 2000 Kendeji, also send outside the good neighbour that perfects oneself stage by stage, it is to cater to consumer to never leave home the phone orders the habit of eat. Below the circumstance that in door inn competition turns white-hot, snack industry is new round of big fight has lasted to “ phone ” and “ wheel ” above.
Snack company try to be the first is extended outside send professional work
Recently, one of enterprises of snack industry bibcock Mcdonald's, ad sends outside sowing those who give his thick and fast, this paragraph of time, professional work sends outside in succession dining-room of much home Mcdonald's is added newly. And the system sends outside the good neighbour that Kendeji also is in its competitor to perfect his stage by stage, will OK offer the city that meal orders on phone, net to increase 20. Meanwhile, li Hua snack also is in enterprise of ” of old name of “ of Chinese style snack to promote his “5 ceaselessly second the character of ” snack, strive sends best snack in consumer home with the rapiddest rate.
Not only such, the dining-room of periphery of a few schools, office building already will outside send development to be his advocate business Wu. A restaurant did not offer the ground of client repast on the side of university of capital classics trade, but as a result of outside send business to be begun well, management circumstance still pretty good. According to reporter understanding, this kind of circumstance is absent a few. The employee of undergraduate and company is outside the main consumption group that sends professional work, and outside send business to manage what also can prop up dining-room well to live.
Business sends growth outside Olympic Games stimulation
The spring breeze of the Olympic Games makes more and more enterprises saw outside the latent capacity that sends professional work. When Olympic Games match undertakes getting like a raging fire, just about outside when sending business to produce effect.
Ms. Zhao is informed the Mcdonald's around to debut outside after sending professional work, very agitato dialed the telephone that order meal. She tells a reporter, the match of the Olympic Games is very absorbing, oneself do not have time to cook, this problem was solved after having Mai Le to send, very convenience.
During “ Olympic Games outside sell closer than increasing at ordinary times 3 into, dinner and food taken late at night are height period of time. A controller of ” Mcdonald's expresses.
Not only such, daily life rhythm is accelerated also is another reason that consumer sends demand for service to increase external, everyday working exhaustion can'ts bear, sit on fair car to decide eat, come home to be able to enjoy big cate namely, became the new option of one part consumer.
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