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Last week 5 begin, association of our city chaffy dish organizes many 40 member to go to and other places of Hong Kong, Macao, Guangzhou to make an on-the-spot investigation on a special trip. Chairman He Yongzhi says, enterprise of meal of a batch of chaffy dish already decided to hold the round set up shop that go to harbor in the arms.
Eve, hong Kong is gone to to inspect a process in academician of Chongqing chaffy dish in, chairman He Yongzhi says, mom of cygnet, De Zhuang, the Qin Dynasty, A Xingji, revive blessing of eldest sister, home, strange chaffy dish already decided to hold a group in the arms to go to harbor set up shop.
A Xingji prepared 3 years
In fact, business of meal of a lot of Chongqing has made the preparation of approach ahead of schedule.
A Xingji prepares to be in 2009 approach set up shop, its president Liu Ying says, want “ approach ” , the standardization that dish tastes is very important. They had considered before 3 years semi-manufactured goods of core product make it, direct supply is used to Hong Kong inn, had realized the core product semi-finished products of 70% to change now.
Respect of Mom of the Qin Dynasty says, they were in Hong Kong early to register a company before 3 years, opportunity of set up shop is at present mature, the annulus in planning to be in opens a fashionable chaffy dish.
Li Dejian of heart bank president sent a daughter to go to harbor to make an on-the-spot investigation for many times, set up shop considers to do snack chaffy dish. Zhu Jiangyu of general manager of domestic blessing chaffy dish says, preparative preexistence Hong Kong opens store of a straight battalion, do in a large-scale again next join in chain.
Hong Kong set up shop goes out to be entered greatly greatly
Go to Hong Kong set up shop, hire is very costly.
Say according to boss of small fat sheep, their gong bay inn 1300 smooth rice, in January hire 400 thousand yuan, 20% what occupy turnover. Clerk every months 8000 yuan, manager every months 20000 yuan, salary also occupies turnover 20% the left and right sides.
Zhu Jiangyu says, 1/5 what at present Chongqing chummage is Hong Kong only, employee wages is Hong Kong only very one of.
In going to harbor to inspect a process, member people minded chummage condition designedly. The appearance of bay of Hong Kong gong is the at present most expensive, pointed sanded chew is closer than gong bay petty gain 20% , it is cheap that annulus and flourishing horn compare gong bay in 40% .
Investment is high, yield tall also, a fat cattle is in small fat sheep the mainland sells 20 yuan the left and right sides, 80-100 should sell in Hong Kong yuan. Hong Kong is intermediate dining-room average per capita consumes 200-300 yuan, chongqing is controlled for 50 yuan only.
Because be first experience Hong Kong, jun Zhiwei says to prepare to choose the 400 door inn of the left and right sides that make the same score rice to try first only, strange chaffy dish prepares to choose to be in the 500 appearance under smooth rice.
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