Inner Mongolia highlights service line of business to use labor shortage youth t
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The stair mouth of 2 buildings establishs the inn of chaffy dish of a Sichuan that enthusiasm grand gives birth to on road of college of city of Inner Mongolia Huhhot suddenly the billboard that removed “ to decorate ” of client go no further.
Why be business busy season chooses this period to decorate?
“2 building was not decorated at all, it is to do not have a clerk, must not leave one part business ceaselessly. The boss king eat of inn of ” chaffy dish says.
Wang Ru says, close half an year comes, the clerk was enrolled harder and harder, enrol a person to the labour market, the person that apply for is not little, but requirement requirement is particularly tall, not only want wage tall, wrap even eat encase, send pay Monday.
“ falls in the circumstance that does not have method, my husband has returned native place to arouse a few kin come over to help, deal with the business busy season of these a few months first in the past. ” Wang Ru says.
“ high pay hires the clerk, member that order dishes, member that welcome guest, clerk urgently month of 800 yuan of / , deduct a percentage from a sum of money of water of 100 % wine. ” reporter visited Huhhot town course of study of a few meal is opposite relatively street alley of concentration, see close most probably the advertisement that restaurant, hotel, bar affixed clerk of this kind of invite applications for a job in marked position.
“ our large meal company, not be to not be short of a clerk, do not say however, be afraid that the boss says we are incompetent, connect a clerk to also be not enrolled. A large meal of ” Huhhot city interlinks the Hao Rui of ministry of resource of company labor power to tell a reporter, before is a turnip carries a hole on the head, now is a turnip carries a few hole on the head, action it is very pretty good that 10 many people can stay to calculate 9 times after a few months.
Reporter from breathe out market of city qualified personnel understands, from last year second half of the year begins, the supply of clerk of meal course of study cannot satisfy requirement all the time, clerk of meal course of study before listing 10 large in short supply post 3.
Guild of meal of nation of Inner Mongolia Mongolia is standing Ehasibateer estimates chairman, at present Huhhot city has 5000 public houses about, every hotel is short of two clerks at least, such calculating come, only the breach of clerk of course of study of Huhhot city meal amounts to 10 thousand person.
“ clerk is not to be short of, surprise however be short of. ” forehead breaths out Sibateer to emphasize.
The youth lacks good impression to meal course of study
Morigen of 20 years old came to Huhhot city from a pasturing area of the city that connect distant last year the meal ministry of a hotel becomes a clerk, the job he chose to leave after 9 months.
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