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In broadcasting station bay will open new network on September 25 smooth meal school visits Shandong to inspect ” of banquet of “ Kong Fu between this year June, the dietary spirit of Confucius, emperor of grandma of jujube of line of cover of platoon of spinach of the greens when using the four seasons, bean curd, grouper, Nan, food grains other than wheat and rice, gold coils wait for Taiwan to feed capable person, “ of innovation research and development is respected learn formula ” , with “ thick course is careful make ” mind, communicate Confucianism learn culture.
According to “ central company ” reports, open teachers and students of smooth meal school 25 days to publish “ to respect learn formula ” , 6 famished look are respectively: In order to iron ” of the greens when the “ the four seasons of evaporate cook, boil made “ slow to taste bean curd ” with fine fire, match with grouper the “ paper that fire of sauce of ginger juice purple perilla is baked and becomes wraps grilled fish ” , apply tea scented tea and Nan sural evaporate bittern and become, and with taro emperor of grandma of the crisp jujube that reach gold coils ” of double dot of government office of aperture of “ of the desert after compositive meal.
Open Xia Huiwen of patriarch of smooth meal school to point out, respect learn a formula to have with indicative Confucius religion without kind thick course of education concept “ is careful do ” spirit to make, in addition, confucius food pays attention to healthy sanitation, feed capable person not sordid, fresh do not eat, sauce stuff is bad to do not eat, respect learn a formula to also be the principle that make with this.
Administration of Chinese meal education advocate Liu Guanhong shows kitchen, the food of Confucius does not have scamper content, cook means with bittern, boil, bake, cook over a slow fire, braise in soy sauce is given priority to, eat material smooth fruit, taste is delicate, banquet of present aperture government office accepts Feng Guanjin to the rank of nobility develops and come for Confucius offspring, belong to dinner customer eat, taste weighs acerbity, salty, oil.
Liu Guanhong says, open what smooth meal school rolls out to respect learn eat to try banquet of aperture government office to reform, reservation knife is versed in the means of Founder of meticulous, cut, feed with be in the ground simply material, delicate with makings cook, accord with the people requirement to health.

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