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In the impression of a lot of average consumer, dining-room of in a popular style has a meal on, of the graph is taste and material benefit. Ferial the restaurant with li of pretty good public praise seeking the home is old fast a cheek, at will easily again grow has taste; And on astral class hotel has a meal, those who tell is manner and atmosphere, must have a very formal pretext normally, have dinner of run-of-mill the daily life of a family, always be the doorsill of hotel of stride of very few meeting. So, in the citizen's daily meal consumption, guesthouse hotel always compares gas spelling a person hard with social cafeteria.

But nowadays, grow a holiday in the 11 ” of “ that just end, the person that has a simple meal to the hotel is increasing however. Although follow a lot of social cafeteria doorways to queue up to wait for the scene that the meal has to still place on a par hard, but with before room of golden week hotel explodes full, dining-room is compared relative to the circumstance photograph of cold and cheerless, now, the prosperous degree of hotel meal also is quite not common. Does hotel meal face the circumstances of average consumer to have such breakthrough along He Neng? The reporter counts a hotel to understand from Hangzhou, besides masses consumption level rise, meal of current public house puts down figure, big travel to conform the path of social meal also is a main factor.

Change dish style

Large menu is updated one year 3 times two

Before, to guesthouse hotel, meal just serves as a kind of a complement, form a complete set normally, serve for guest room accommodation. Of the experience of the personage inside a lot of course of study talking is, do hotel meal, do not beg flourishing, otherwise lose money in business went. However, wear soon socially the business does greatly small restaurant to be troubled by more more fierce, the controller of many hotels people the management pattern that also begins to try to introduce social meal to be attached most importance to with consumer, made on type of famished look, dish a few change and adjust, the hope can enhance the competition ability of oneself.

Accept heart big public house is in all the time the socialization way that seeks hotel meal actively, chief has feeling quite accordingly related its: “ this year, the menu of our whole has been updated twice, this month, we are in again consider changing to big vegetable monoculture adjust. This controller tells ” the reporter, before the dish of the hotel is very traditional, more formalist, because have kind of “ emperor daughter not anxious is married the feeling of ” , the beginning of the year of a menu uses year of remaining part, very few and fluctuant, but now, the newer frequency of hotel menu was accelerated.

Not only such, the hotel still is met the demand according to consumer, make fixed or nonskedly imprint have the booklet that recommends dish, season course, also meet what cafeteria midstream goes to push special offer dish to come in that way like nowadays company even absorbing gas. “ for instance, the special offer dish with 1 yuan weever, 5 yuan lake crab similar …… , we also had been pushed many. The meal manager Zhu Guangyao of big public house of ” sweet excessive tells a reporter.
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