"11 " golden week travel drives line of business of Harbin city meal
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Northeast net on October 6 11 ” of dispatch “ the golden week not only fire tourism, meal course of study also is heated up extremely. Come day after day, harbin city each are big the hotel is bustling, also appear even chophouse the appearance that one desk of “ requests ” hard.
5 days of evening, be in on red flag ave at the door wine shop of seafood of a characteristic, so big parking lot has stopped full car, what many car hang still is nonlocal license plate. The reporter is entered see inside inn, there had been many deadbeats in the hall of first floor waiting to make bugle call.
The reporter visited a few snack bar to understand again, during 11 ” of “ , the guest discharge of these snack bar is at ordinary times 2 times, nonlocal tourist was occupied 20% . Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, during the golden week, guest discharge is steep add, only the reception by big public house capacity is apparent and insufficient, accordingly billabong of a lot of clients arrived a few small public houses, drove the flourishing of whole meal course of study between holiday date thereby.

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