Banner of guard against theft of suspension of home of meal market home
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“ welcomes aboard, the valuable such as portfolio not stays inside the car. Since ” a week, always arrive the “ of repast of street of cross of meal of lane of China of division of gold of upper new developed area drives a group of things with common features ” , can hear the sweet clew of berth car clerk. Here, every berth car clerk wears ” of “ red armband, became public security patrol, every cafeteria doorway returns banner of the caution since suspension, remind jockey repast personnel guard against theft.

Original, during National Day, periphery of immanent meal market joins gang of prize car, steel car prize 8 cars, police starts masses to fight bandits in all then.

The spot

Domestic home cafeteria hangs a banner

Yesterday midday, the reporter comes to lane of golden division China, street of this meal cross already guest gathers, outside the door normal berth car almost be exhausted.

With what differ before be: Yu Fengtang rises on, next coming fire control is especially diligent detachment, zunqi is China lane front door, right to golden division big public house, outside all restaurant door “ of banner of bright red caution notices door since suspension by prize pilfer, keep please the article inside good car -- ” of announce of person and police station, such-and-such cafeteria. On the arm of clerk of car of every cafeteria berth, wearing imprint the red armband that has model of written characters of ” of patrol of public security of substation of public security of “ new and high area. Not only such, meal market every other 300 meters two, have assist diligent team member holds interphone to patrol back and forth ……

The reporter is mixed in cafeteria of change wind hall examine of exterior of Yangzhou restaurant door has without supervisory equipment, cause the vigilance that security personnel of change wind hall is in charge of, interrogate reporter identity comes before he walks up. After communicating, because his speak bluntly steals rampant, “ is very nervous recently, all meal personnel ased if to become commando ” .

Midday 1 when, the reporter sees, one is shining alarm the lamp, patron wagon that making caption of electron of caution of guard against theft begins to patrol in meal market periphery. After leaving meal market, the reporter is illuminating mother hill arboretum, happy and carefree to reside cafeteria periphery and other places, saw same caution banner.


A day by prize 7 cars

Reporter from patrol the policeman is in know, during the National Day, “ of gang of theft of car having prize becomes angry make a sudden and violent attack of type ” ground commits the crime, mushan is being illuminated in the day cafeteria of hall of wind of Heyu of cafeteria of house of arboretum, happy and carefree connects prize 7 cars, pilfer walks along the valuable such as purse, mobile phone a certain number of, police establishs case group for this. What makings morrow, place of car of the berth outside the door of golden division big public house that the other side is guarding rigor again commits the crime procurable.
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