Limited company of meal of the day outside Beijing Hong Yuntian
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Limited company of meal of the day outside Beijing Hong Yuntian founded 1990 by president Yin Mr Xiaohai. The company is led by collective of board of directors, general manager is in charge of controlling government, ministry of the office, human affairs, meal department is set inside, groom ministry, financial department, purchase ministry, engineering department, the company is located in Beijing Haidian area, at present the company shares 18 chain store (be in Haidian respectively area, east the city zone, on the west the 8 old the city zone such as area of stage of area of the city zone, Xuan Wu, rising sun area, abundant, Shi Jingshan area) , it is capital meal industry in famous degree taller, get broad consumer gay is large chain meal company, the company is versed in in the employee nearly 2500 people, basically manage roast duck of dish of dish of another name for Guangdong Province, Hunan dish, the daily life of a family, Beijing.
The day outside Hong Yuntian developed today's dimensions to experience rough run by small shop of a roadside, but in president Yin Mr Xiaohai guide below, abide by “ to be with the person from beginning to end this, sincere letter manages the principle of ” , our catchword is “ is an upright person first, ” works after. Plant in this just about of the thought how-to below, company ability forms powerful cohesive affinity, develop flourishingly, it is in intense competitive spring tide steadily forward, in creation one tastes a clique while, got good social benefit.
The day outside Hong Yuntian is with the roast duck that consumes toward constant noble, turn the store of the first meal that goes up to average consumer table, the administrative pattern rich of the company picks numerous home advantage, stress oneself distinguishing feature, build have scientific and reasonable standard, regulations, . .

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