Limited company of meal of Zhejiang grandmother home
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Public house of Zhejiang grandmother home is with meal of Zhejiang grandmother home limited company is bibcock, the meal that the cartel compose such as limited company of limited company of limited company of fast fort meal, meal of Hangzhou Zhu Zhuang, meal of Hangzhou Wu Zhuang builds limited company of meal of old and well-known family of bowl of as big as Hangzhou iron, Hangzhou interlinks an enterprise. From 2000 head since start business of restaurant of home of grandmother of road of a path between fields of door inn horse, the company manages area year after year to expand, outstanding achievement is climbed ceaselessly litre, in Zhejiang the province already had taller famous degree. 2003 hutch of ” of cup of “ west lake art compare greatly in spelling professional group competition, pick exclusively a gold prize. During Xibohui, hangzhou city is organized east slope banquet contest, win innovation award again.
Chain of grandmother home meal is mixed by the grandmother home public house of food and drink of management Chinese style two old series make the fast fort dining room that runs snack of free formula Chinese style.
Cafeteria of home of grandmother of road of equestrian a path between fields enters the start of meal course of study for limited company of grandmother home meal. As the advent of urbanism, more and more consumer do not wish to also do not have overmuch time to handle chore, of company controller acumen feel this one market is dynamic, seize moment, change manages train of thought, enlarged scope of operations, consumption crowd establish is in cafeteria periphery dweller and the white-collar crowd with a few busy jobs. After having accurate market to locate, the company laid the view the city on the west a few well-known buildings dish, opened restaurant in two villages in succession. As the ceaseless promotion of grandmother home brand, drew a few special consumption groups, the company contracted on invitation 2002 the athlete dining room that Zhejiang weighs athletics to train a center, transform its for athlete of sports center of Hangzhou Huang Long special dining-room, the dining-room after transforming can hold 250 people at the same time have dinner, serve for the athlete only. Champion of many Olympic Games is in this have dinner. After Hangzhou old the city zone and city stand firm on the west, the company expanded scope of operations Hangzhou other area again, in Qian Jiangna Jiang Bin garden opened the bank to have meal, recreational, room hotel of the husband's family outside the Jiang Bin garden at an organic whole, was 2005 south the city revive Lu Xiying is filled with the grandmother home public house that is characteristic with dish of big iron bowl was offerred inside guesthouse, expand manage while the meal that the company still devotes oneself to to consider to suit specific crowd serves, in Hangzhou area of central business affairs opened the “ that is located in white-collar crowd surely dining-room of cate of fast fort ” , the new brand that lends ” of fast fort of situation general “ this grandmother home introduces the market, immediately is in again additional center of trade of world of building of two high-grade business affairs and in cropland edifice settle. The husband's family outside 2006 opens door store in Hangzhou daily building and Hangzhou edifice in succession, fast fort dining-room was garrisoned not only civil square of 3 the biggest times of office building Hua Xing, still leave entered Hangzhou the edifice of office building the Christian era with at present top level.
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