Culture of historical novel meal develops Beijing Sichuan nation limited company
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New form of Chinese plain dish
Be subordinate to of limited company of development of culture of historical novel meal belongs to Beijing Sichuan country La Meng is industrial development group limited company,
Group of Inner Mongolia blue dream, only then achieve 1990.
In more than 10 years of subsequently time,
Company arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous, with its peculiar service concept and management pattern,
Bright company viewpoint of value and company culture,
Established early or late shop of shop of food of Hunan of the world of travel of Hunan of Inner Mongolia blue dream, never-ending Chongqing food,
Hall of QQ chaffy dish, La Menghao is special the characteristic meal inn with more than 10 disparate styles such as the inn of arrogant chaffy dish of garden of amorous feelings of the Monggol nationality, day,
Favorable social beneficial result and economic benefits were obtained in Inner Mongolia, gain extremely tall reputation.
2001 the blue courser of the prairie gallop to the capital,
Beijing Sichuan country held water in Beijing culture of historical novel meal expands limited company,
Begin to start “ Sichuan country in the round in Beijing ” of historical novel wine shop interlinks development.
Devote oneself to to make new form of Chinese plain dish,
Come 5 years the “ Sichuan country from culture of an emersion tradition historical novel ” ,
The “ Sichuan country that deduces vogue to lie fallow to historical novel ” ,
The “ Sichuan country that initiates green, humanitarian, campaign to again historical novel ”
Experienced a spirit and flesh to come off the process with decay.

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