Su Zhe of Shanghai gold bud assembles meal limited company
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Su Zhe of bud of gold of the Shanghai below bud group division collects meal limited company to hold water at was in Shanghai to register in June 1999. Su Zhe of the first “ collected hall of ” brand Chinese meal to collect an area to open business in Shanghai Xu on October 28, 1999. Come a few years, “ Su Zhe collects ” to become Shanghai's famous high-grade meal to interlink a brand, and enlarge scope of operations to the whole nation, the branch was opened in Beijing, Macao. The company garrisoned edifice of Jin Mao of building of Shanghai ground mark in Feburary 2005, the practice of ” of brand “ Tian Cuiting of hall of top class Chinese meal.
2006The end of the year, group company has become home's famous large meal to interlink an enterprise, group assets dimensions exceeds on 100 million yuan, enterprise annual produce amounts to several yuan, year pay is industrial and commercial the ten million on taxation yuan, rank Chinese meal company 100 strong. Developing high-grade chain restaurant while, specialization to realize what Chinese style meal manages, the brand is changed and diversification, 2007 the beginning of the year, golden bud group establishs Shanghai Su Zhe to collect investment management to consult limited company, shanghai bank treasure is industrial limited company, preparation enters fast food to consume industry and meal management to seek advice from a domain, the group runs sortie restaurant chain, the business such as advisory investment of food production treatment, meal.
GoldBud group shares China cate ” to be with “ and world oneself; With “ predication, stand travel, stand heart, establish course of study, ” establishing a country to be group spirit; With successive China food pithy, carry on innovation spirit to be a tenet; In order to build industry of “ world meal well-known trademark ” and become guide occupation standard enterprise to be total development target.
CollectThe “ Su Zhe below round banner collects ” to regard the famous brand of innovation Shanghai dish as dining-room, will perserve the ground serves as management main distinguishing feature with innovating, with outstanding dish, excellent from beginning to end service, experience service of have dinner environment is mixed at Chinese main city global client. The vogue that “ Su Zhe collects ” , elegant, romantic, kind have dinner culture will be the pronoun of ” of dish of “ innovation Shanghai, what come from “ Shanghai dish is brand-new deduce ” to manage a concept to carry forward.
GoldBud group manages “ the concept for this ” with the person perforative in the group construction at the enterprise. To train the talented person that can recruit continuously, the group is perfected ceaselessly groom system of system, echelon formation construction, performance assessment system is waited a moment, provide the rising space with good employee, also carry outstanding talented person for industry development at the same time. Nowadays, golden bud group is advanced and perfect groom the system already was learned eagerly by course of study of person of the same trade and imitate.
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