Company of Beijing gold Yue
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Company of Beijing gold Yue held water 2000, already expanded the famous brand company that becomes Beijing now; Business involves the many trades such as development of high-grade meal, estate, property management, investment, existing employee 1600 more than person. Each industry that the company end 2005 decides conformity is independent is hypostatic, establish company of group of Yue of Chinese Beijing gold afresh, become formally those who have efficient government ability is giant commercial aircraft carrier, the enterprise holds to “ sincere letter to amount to the management concept of personal ” for person of golden • Yue, expand all subordinate business dovishly, ceaseless develop new field.
Company of management of meal of world of Beijing gold Yue is the country that is characteristic with sending dish of another name for Guangdong Province newly fancy meal enterprise, registered office of bridge of spaceflight issueing administer, on the west postern inn, medium axial road inn and inn of honoured guest building, the flourishing business a sector of an area that is located in Beijing Haidian area, rising sun area, announce military division respectively. The management gross area of 4 inn 15 thousand much square metre, luxurious bag room 136, year sales revenue crosses 100 million yuan, be by attestation of international meal association international characteristic meal inn of gold of 5 stars diamond (IFBA) , by course of study inside praise for “ capital the first ” that feed government office. The first 5 stars level of company will be met 7 years in October bodhi of place sweet hill is met an official start business.
Estate of golden Yue Xin develops limited company to held water in December 2004, system of regulations of company interior management is perfect, act on excelsior to building project mass principle, right bear the construction project project that build ensures by qualitative, by the quantity, on time, finish construction project job by the requirement, insist to build project project to be changed the standardization of the design, modernly, scientificly thereby. The Jin Hui that already finished now 4 period project of headquarters large building, project area more than 50000 square metre, belong to pair of 5 A fancy office building; Additionally project of astral bamboo garden has starred building in the round, beijing zoo is in before 2008 in the especially delicate, exalted business that bought square of vast park of a 50 thousand floor area that make the same score rice, bandwidth again stays in high-quality goods village.
Property of Beijing Beijing Yue manages limited company to held water in December 2005, innovating with “ is life, service it is incorporeal ” is management concept, it is core in order to promote the rise in value keeping a cost of house property, develop the market actively, in the meantime, fortifier course of study grooms and seek advice from service function, become span multilayer the diversity property of a lot of domain such as the residence, high level residence, edifice, office building, guesthouse, shopping centre runs a company.
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