Company of group of Home Liu meal
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Company of group of Home Liu meal held water 2000, it is a new-style share-holding system company, be main in order to manage meal entity, meal manages technical efferent to manage; Chain joins in manage; Meal industry Training Within Industry, output; Dish ties dish research and development; Meal raw material deserves to send; The professional group company that meal information consults the professional project such as management to be company business core. The group is in development development of several years, subordinate besides 4 branches are established in Hangzhou, waited to also establish a branch in Beijing, Shanghai, headquarters is established in Hangzhou city Xi Xi district 559, home Liu meal runs this department, year turnover income is amounted to 250 million, business area of mere Hangzhou this locality amounts to 15000 more than square metre, the company has directly under stuff 2000 more than person.

Since company of group of Home Liu meal holds water oneself, on the foundation of ceaseless development innovation, infuse of will many new thinking, new science, new content arrives among the management of well-known trademark. Liu Jia's controller, policymaker depends on long-term view and elder experience, insist to manage the concept that gives benefit from beginning to end, modern, science is used to change on the management of the hotel, the administrative method that the system changes, make the company moves toward a brand to change thereby, industrialization, develop to diversity, stimulative enterprise lasts healthy progress.

Company with: “ makes dietary brand, development diversity is managed, become have those who cross district consequence, bear the weight of ” of company of management of distinctive meal culture is management concept. Let deadbeat sample cate during experience distinctive dietary culture, to serve a purpose.

Since the company holds water, from beginning to end firm top-ranking character, high-class service, top-ranking environment and top-ranking management, progress is sought in innovation, catch management to give benefit. Win award for many times, be judged to be cafeteria of satisfaction of Hangzhou masses customer. Be absorbed to be inn of member of Xu Yi langouste. Be judged to be Zhejiang of ” of boutique of course of study of meal of “ Hangzhou city, “ to save 10 Dalian to lock up consumer of enterprise ” , “ to believe the ground to cross satisfaction of people of city of Hangzhou of unit ” , “ ” of famous characteristic restaurant, was judged to be Chinese meal again 2007 well-known company.

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