Group of 1 million manorial investment
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the talented person that has different strong point combination rises, regard you as the associate in the career, the “ preterhuman ” in wanting to seek fokelore than going is easier.
1992, [1 million manorial] father is hired fell to be located in Beijing on the west the city zone a manorial 1 million 1300 buildings that make the same score rice, was born from this [1 million manorial] . Later, full-bodied Ou Shijian builds a style to become [1 million manorial] the deep impression that leaves a society.
[1 million manorial] from 200 thousand yuan of build up, the asset inside 10 years achieves 400 million yuan, asset turned over 2000 times. From meal chain is managed, integrated food is made, chain management network and aquaculture, development goes to ad firm, project of real estate, property management, adornment and adornment material make those who wait for 30 stature companies group of civilian battalion joint stock company. Site of of all kinds sale amounts to more than 2000 in Beijing area, and in home many cities were established more than 100 branches and join in enterprise.
[1 million manorial] at the beginning of founding oneself, if occasion becomes capital streets and lanes, distinctive building color and hot management are inscribed and seek body to argue the central issue that reports. Come 10 years, the 〔 of 1 million manorial 〕 becomes 〔 master 〕 is continuous, the 〕 of ox of 〔 manorial fertilizer that calls 〔 the world 〕 of the first ox from famed the world, can, enter capital subway to first, be known as the 〔 that domestic civilian enterprise interlinks inn first times to interlink management 〕 ; From the first pail of 〔 that changed traditional production technology industry of sensation of 〕 of manorial fresh fruit juice, carry the assessment of international meal group to look forward to of first Chinese civilian, get the country joins in accredit; From the 〔 that widely known becomes between match well of Chinese and Western, one night manorial hamburger 〕 , to state-owend enterprise of annex of first civilian look forward to, make the at this late hour of person 〕 …… that 〔 dare take crab the first times, 〔 the task that 1 million manorial 〕 already were regarded as exploration by economic research organization: One depends on industrial build up, the civilian battalion enterprise that relies on an a bit to accumulate, in the economy that can blend in the management concept of the developed country China and culture, the phenomenon that a cost that makes rapid, healthy progress studies all right, it may be said of 1 million manorial 〕 gives 〔 repeatedly miracle!
[1 million manorial] develop, it is the result of various government and support of social all circles, care, also be manorial person abides by solidarity of 〔 good faith, learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, start tomorrow, build the business purpose of home 〕 in all; In order to hold to credit, quality, study, innovation accompanies the result that company of the Sui Dynasty grows. 〔 1 million manorial 〕 are the 〔 talent from every little bit accumulates 〕 , 〔 innovation accumulates 〕 , management accumulates 〕 in, the 〔 brand that realized an enterprise gradually accumulates 〕 . 10 years since, 1 million manorial 〕 note 〔 to build a society again sincere letter, be by each concerned bank assess respectively enterprise of 〕 of 〔 AAA class.
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