Group of food of leaf of Guangzhou broadleaf plant
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Group of food of leaf of Guangzhou broadleaf plant holds water oneself up to now, carrying good development state all the time. Group with top-ranking kitchen establishment, green is decorated exoticly reach bright and clean and easy have dinner environment to be hardware; Laded “ service is essential, innovation is those who develop ” to manage a concept, arrive as a child big “ 5 constant ” government policy, “ serves a team for the high quality of this ” with the person, innovate constantly the software such as the delicate characteristic dish of banner tide, make this collective had powerful development motive force and advantage.

Review 10 years, from 95 years wide the first dining-room that inspects guesthouse, reach the world trade large building of Guangzhou gold a sector of an area, square of times of the Milky way; To square of Shanghai Hong Kong, the large trade building such as big square dish the name of leaf of …… Guangzhou broadleaf plant makes be jumped over noisy more, get the angle of more and more iron lever deadbeat.
Grace of environment of dining-room of leaf of Guangzhou broadleaf plant, bright and clean, comfortable. Hang on wall full Mu Mingqian will sample photo of the celebrity with peaceful delicate dish, star, “ celebrity gets together broadleaf plant ” in a moment general view does not have involuntary discharge of urine. Just one introduction, wear the put the palms together of consult guest both hands with civilized enthusiasm of peaceful style dress, the smile is filled with be filled with bring you to enter greenery a haven of peace of running water of shady, little bridge. The purl sound, sound of traditional stringed and woodwind instrument is faint can hear, foolish condition but the elephant of Ju and ineffective troops are carefree and content. The room is built by log and become, foil in downy lamplight next warmth that reveal a family are harmonious. Step every corner of enough dining room, the dish that is permeated with move spy to have everywhere is spicy laugh with joyous song language, here already can the satisfaction of utmost your appetite or the good place that let you release pressure and enthusiasm.
Dish of South Asia, Thailand gives priority to dozen of product to the south of leaf of Guangzhou broadleaf plant, hire from the southeast Asia country such as Thailand, India, Malaysia not only come many large kitchen visits guidance, still be a foundation with Chinese food characteristic, the material that blended in this locality, flavor reach cooking means to offer delicate cate for this locality guest. The course that change is sought in ceaseless excelsior, innovation in, of leaf of Guangzhou broadleaf plant manufacture to obtain special honour repeatedly. Curry emperor fries crab, sweet hot cashew to fry carbonado of sauce of type of seafood of prawn, winter shade, peaceful to wait delicate and absolutely the appetite that satisfies you.
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