Sea floor scoops up meal finite liability company
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Sea floor scoops up meal finite liability company held water 1994, it is one is given priority to with managing plain flavour chaffy dish, the large chain meal that be in harmony collects characteristic of each district chaffy dish to be an organic whole civilian battalion enterprise.
Since the company holds water oneself, pursue “ from beginning to end the service is consummate, the client is consummate the concept of ” , with close, considerate, excellent service, won thick as hail client and society wide recognition.
Company from beginning to end soar “ green, healthy, nutrition, the old standard of characteristic ” , devote oneself to the development of chaffy dish technology and research, be in successive plain, on the foundation of the characteristic such as the “ hemp with change meal original culture, hot, bright, sweet, tender, fragile ” , innovate ceaselessly, taste with the dish of distinctive, sterling, delicious taste and nutrient health, the consistent praise highly that won a customer left “ good him chaffy dish to be able to talk in numerous consumer memory the good public praise of ” .
The company holds to “ green from beginning to end, without social effects of pollution, of one-time ” choose makings and footing to boil make a principle, father to concern raw material, burden closes, of market of classics of 13 years of antecedents and client examine, make a credit successfully spend tall, have distinguishing feature of Sichuan chaffy dish quite, be in harmony collects ground of Sichuan of “ of culture of Ba Shu meal, the brand of high grade chaffy dish with Sichuan wind strong ” .
Do poineering work difficultly 13 years, ceaseless enterprising, solidarity goes all out in work, the company starts from a not famous small chaffy dish stage by stage, development is become have more than 3000 stuff today, have a batch of food, food and drink, nutrition, project, expert of field of storage, management and professional technology personnel, have branch of 26 straight battalion (area of straight battalion inn exceeds 30 thousand square metre) , 4 large deserve to send center and production of footing of a large chaffy dish base cross a province large meal enterprise.
Company or unit of director of Chinese meal association and association of Sichuan province meal are standing director member unit, be in plain, short for Shaanxi Province, beijing, comfort, the province city such as Shanghai is provided quite famous spent meal company. Ever had the honor to win ” of large family of “ pay taxes, “ in and other places of Sichuan, Shaanxi, Henan early or late advanced and collective ” , “ is outstanding more than 10 glorious titles such as ” of chaffy dish of actor of name of ” of satisfactory unit of consumer of enterprise ” , “ , “ and honor.
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