Henan one honour industrial limited company
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Henan one honour industrial limited company, held water 2001, service industry of base oneself upon, it is core industry with meal, it is dominant product with fat cattle chaffy dish, it is the omnibus large company of a many brand, much product, much area.
One honour rigorous, system builds industrial organization structure perfect, pay attention to induct a talent, take culture construction and group Xiu Lian seriously. In development process of 7 years, with “ brand of ” of ox of one honour emperor is a center, many brands develop jointly, now belongs to 7 branches, inn of 33 straight battalion joins in with 62 inn, total business acreage 130 thousand square metre, mesa 6500 pieces, eat more than 36 thousand, the employee below the banner 12 thousand person. Turnover of meal respect year all achieves the high speed growth of 40 % every year, 7 years of fact are turnover 610 million, for taxes of national turn over to the higher authorities nearly four yuan, the height that got industry of each district government, meal takes seriously and pay close attention to.
One honour industrial developing while, do not forget redound society, enter activity of of all kinds commonweal actively, as various as province of each branch place, city beneficent unit often cooperates, for the society such as Gu incomplete children weak force group is offerred aid financially, consecratory love. 8 years on May 12 Sichuan short of Wenshui River plain after producing calamity of especially big earthquake, one honour industrial heart fastens disaster area, eagerly contribution, what initiative organization completes inside 3 days is aseismatic provide disaster relief first raise donations, contribution amount achieves many yuan 30. One honour industrial with real commonweal activity true redound the people and society are right our deep love.
One honour industrial in the pace that growing ceaselessly, abstraction gives mature company to develop system of 5 big safeguard: Brand system, product system, management system, talent education system, content shedding deserves to send a system.
Brand system:
One honour industrial beans of fine of fine of ” of ox of one honour emperor, “ scoops up the “ that already was registered by national brand bureau brand of ” of cropland of beautiful of ” of holiday of fashionable of ” of doctor of ox of ” , “ , “ , “ , the market through several years is run, already became get broad consumer is hep with the brand that like. The CIS system with distinct personality, the human nature that is full of culture details changes consumptive environment, considerate and considerate service, for one honour industrial established good social figure, satisfied the requirement that grade of broad consumer life promotes ceaselessly. The company all can throw many brand promotion expenses every year, made sure all branches cross area to share the dominant position of the brand.
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