Head of Chengdu Tan fish invests a group
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” of head of “ Tan fish was born 1996, have 10 years of time only up to now, but ” of head of “ Tan fish is however in this short time, created another miracle. ” of mode of head of Tan Yu of the ” of phenomenon of head of “ Tan fish that lets media and industry acclaim as the peak of perfection, “ , it is Tan fish tribal chief is moved toward from the victory brilliant, from the contrail that brilliant trend wins!

The core product of Tan fish head -- ” of chaffy dish of head of “ Tan fish, with its “ is hot and not dry, bright and not the sweet, distinctive local color that recalls long ” is famous in change of raw meat or fish, entrance global. Tan fish head walked out of Sichuan in June 1998, chain store is opened in countrywide each district, with average and annual the speed of 300% develops at full speed, the whole nation waits in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Taiwan, Hong Kong more than 50 big in the city owns store of more than 100 chain, country is big in of the city have rate amount to 92% .

Changed via body of the Chengdu City in April 2001 appoint approval changes make, establish head of Chengdu Tan fish to invest Inc. , register capital 54.51 million yuan. Have institute of food institute, cooking, content to flow, deserve to send the wholy-owned subsidiary such as the center, have stuff 8000 more than person, year sale 500 million multivariate RMB, value of company brand intangible assets 800 million yuan of RMBs, become Sichuan to save company of the most wholesale share-holding system meal.

The swift and violent development of ” of head of “ Tan fish, flourished greatly course of study of Sichuan tradition meal, become industry of ” of “ plain dish to be gotten outspreadly outwards army person.

By 2005, tan fish head has the honor to win “ China meal to interlink meal of China of ” of brand of 10 large force, “ one after another ” of 100 strong companies and “ China are retail the special honour such as ” of award of 10 big innovation. With IBM together, apply digital science and technology to make ” of “ number chaffy dish, become meal industry to apply high-tech to have administrative model.

The chain through several years is managed, tan fish head reached the respect such as talent reserve to get huge promotes in brand, technology, management, the company begins diversity actively to manage. Current, already built institute of food of head of Chengdu Tan fish, Sichuan food of limited company, Tan Yu head matchs line of business of wine of food of Tan Yu head send center, Sichuan boil only Tan of guesthouse of path of Sichuan of institute of cooking of Tan Yu head, Tan Yu head, Sichuan.

” of head of “ Tan fish built division of giant green zoology garden in countrywide limits 2004, include the chili of free from contamination, Chinese prickly ash and piscine head, among them chili of zoology of Tan Yu head has been appointed to be Sichuan to save only “ to export chili of the ” that avoid check. Land is bought in big city county at the beginning of 2006 164 mus, plan to invest 100 million yuan of RMBs to make base of new-style agriculture industry.
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