Chongqing revive culture of eldest sister meal is finite liability company
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Revive eldest sister, its a Su Xingrong, it is the firstborn daughter of Su Weizhang of patriarch of Su chaffy dish, su chaffy dish sends a person. Before liberating, su Weizhang is in the Gu Zhenci with famous Chongqing implement buccal big port city established Su old chaffy dish, because of its full-bodied fragrance, become “ is delicious at that time dog ” people the cate of public praise according to legend. After liberating, su Laoxian is unripe answer ” of joint state-private ownership of “ of appeal general firm. 1958, year only Su Xingrong of 15 years old enters Chongqing company of a war industry works. Factory of 30 years lives, fail to efface the genetic gene that she is in business. 1987, when commercial tide sweeps across Chinese earth, the daughter of businessman of this one's previous experience resolutely leave large state-operated company, pick up chaffy dish craft again, with 3000 yuan of money of scrape up, buy 4 pieces of tables 16 pieces of bench, established “ revive inn of ” of eldest sister old chaffy dish. All previous works hard via 20 one's remaining years, revive eldest sister old chaffy dish already became ” of “ China renown chaffy dish now, development owns store of many straight battalion for, one grooms the school, footing of a chaffy dish produces base, an agricultural sightseeing gives birth to voice garden, the has famous brand effect meal company that counts a hunderd schools to cover even locksmith the throughout the country. Su Xingrong currently holds the post ofChongqing revive culture of eldest sister meal is finite liability company president, heavy
Celebrate vice-chairman of city meal chamber of commerce, vice-chairman of association of Chongqing city chaffy dish, the post such as chairman of chamber of commerce of meal of area of dam of Chongqing city sanded level ground.
Management tenet
Competitive key relies on the influence of brand brand to rely on characteristic
The fountainhead that the safeguard of characteristic relies on culture culture is the history
Company goal
Let cate lover eat to have the Chongqing chaffy dish of character, do hundred years old shop
Management concept
Serving the incorporeal quality that is us is our life
Service concept
Let every client get healthy, joy is mixed touch
Concept of choose and employ persons
The enterprise offers wide arena everybody to the opportunity reveals elegant demeanour
Market concept
Only off-season thought decides success or failure without off-season market detail
Competitive concept
Hit character battle not to make price war only forever the demand of dedicated client

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