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" advertisement law " the regulation must not use national leader figure to make commerce publicize, dan Longgang area the shop of food of a Hunan of hole of 5 couplet made of baked clay kiln imprints Chairman Mao picture on fascia however, to this, the dweller says " the feeling is very sick " . Chief of division of advertisement of city industrial and commercial bureau expresses, will be examined as soon as possible before group person, if have truly,violate a phenomenon to will enjoin inn-keeper is rectified and reform.

This the name is " shop of chili earth food " Hunan food shop is located in on a business street by market of hole of made of baked clay kiln, because the cafeteria on the business street is not much, the big shop sign of Hunan food shop appears very conspicuous. The reporter sees, the picture of Chairman Mao is in with respect to included angle " red " word and " hot " among the word. This restaurant has 78 to average rice volume only, there also is Chairman Mao to resemble on the wall of face each other.

"Chairman Mao is generation great person, how can you imprint on advertisement? And still stand side by side together with chicken, duck, goose, feeling letting a person is very sick. " Miss Yuan that lives around says to the reporter. Transient Mr Zhang also says, resemble through can seeing conspicuous Chairman Mao on fascia every time, he feels to resemble tout with the chairman very inappropriate.

Mr Zhang says the boss of this restaurant, he is Hunan beneficial in relief person, in Hunan almost every family hangs Chairman Mao to resemble. Resemble Chairman Mao imprinting on fascia, also be the desire that expresses respect. Come to be suspected of breaking the law at whether knowing this action, mr Zhang expresses, oneself are not clear jural have such regulation.

Basis " advertisement law " paragraph and the 7th the 2nd country are industrial and commercial the total bureau complement to this sets " about using deceased or the answer that the party of leave one's post and national leader name have advertisement publicizes processing opinion " , the figure of deceased country leader is prohibited be being used at advertisement to publicize, violate act namely otherwise. And Beijing brights judge Xu Xingwu of lawyer of substation of attorney office Shenzhen also thinks, resembling Chairman Mao be being used at advertisement to publicize affirmation is unallowed, in civilly was to violate effigies right.

Chief of division of advertisement of city industrial and commercial bureau expresses after understanding relevant situation, before attending the school about personnel horse, go examining, if have illegal action really, will enjoin inn-keeper undertakes rectifying and reform instantly.

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