Meal compensation encounters scotoma expects a system to come on stage as early
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The repast outside going out, the dispute common occurance that because feed character,quantity or service flaw cause. Our newspaper received reader report to have a meal continuously recently take an advantageous position of problem hard thinking. The reporter arrives in the in interviewing understanding of immediately, because the compensatory standard of meal course of study and quality appraisal often encounter difficult problem, many consumer counterpoise in dimension experience of frequency of process intermediate frequency is awkward.

Dietary quality appraisal is more difficult

Citizen Mr Cui and friend have a meal to a restaurant together, chose the flourishing of blood of characteristic dish wool of this inn technically. After waiting for a clerk to come up dish, he and friend took to feel flavour is a bit incorrect, look for restaurant to concern chief then, chief comes over to look, after be being heard again, express, this dish does not have quality problem, the exchange a purchase that they offer different idea Mr Cui perhaps compensates for a requirement. Both sides talks things over one time to be reached hard consistent.

The issue that the citizen produces when repast, basically be meal quality problem. If consumer suspects to after dietary quality has a problem, need to undertake obtaining evidence, this undertakes examining to meal with respect to need. But generally speaking, it is not easy to examine. The concerned public figure that charges central nutrition and food safety center according to Taiyuan city disease introduces, normally the circumstance falls, they are OK appraisal food problem, but can be opposite only fish, flesh kind the food that waits to did not join course undertakes examining, additional, to appearing the citizen of bromatoxism can have identification, and good to doing cooked food is very bad appraisal, feel like afore-mentioned Mr Cui gentlemen meal has a problem so so, they have identification very hard. Although can appraisal, the citizen also wants unvarnished send concerned department, and charge of pay for sb and expect to be repaid later. Accordingly, for the citizen that because meal quality is affected,is opposite, the cost that thought fors the time being is a little high.

Claim for compensation lacks relevant support

Generally speaking, size restaurant is in encounter dispute incident cosmopolitan the attitude that takes make concessions to avoid trouble. A controller of restaurant tells a reporter, when producing meal issue, they make an apology, if hair, gnat discovers in food, the taste of dish is frame-up wait, adopt according to the circumstance commonly change course, dozen fold, the kind that avoids sheet gives make up for, and great majority consumer also can be approbated, much after all work is inferior to little be related.

Actually, a lot of consumer are dissatisfactory to the compensatory standard of restaurant, do not have better idea however. Door of Ministry of Public Health expresses about the personage, they often receive problem of claim for compensation of consumer repast drink to make a telephone call, but regard Ministry of Public Health as the door, can undertake checking to the wholesome circumstance of meal enterprise only, if discover the problem can be punished, but the claim for compensation of consumer does not belong to them administer limits.
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