Heibei makes deepfry face make standard of food quality safety
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Deep-fried twisted dough sticks is desk of common people breakfast go up " frequenter " , however, what kind of deep-fried twisted dough sticks can just let a person eat so that be at ease? Recently, in Heibei the province pledges prison division system is decided " deepfry face makes food quality safety ask " in local level, the organic demand that makes food and its decoct blast use oil to deepfry face, manage changes index, microbial index, additive agent for food, container to waited to all undertake making clear formulary.

The standard is specific, every is main raw material with flour, add all sorts of complementary makings, classics shapes or bag stuffing shapes deepfry and the provision that makes belongs to deepfry face to make provision, cake of deep-fried twisted dough sticks, fried dough twist, deepfry include. Save quality technology supervisory bureau according to Heibei relevant controller introduces, this standard basically emphasizes particularly on at safe index, because the organic requirement of this product, manage changes the provision such as index, microbial index,all belong to mandatory standard.

Join real case, this one standard that Heibei saves used oily 11 technologies index to have limit to decoct blast; bacterium colony gross, coliform group wait for microbial index to include a provision.

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