Forbidden meal unit is managed cling to fish
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Guangdong saves sanitation to supervise place to issue an announcement recently, forbidden meal unit manages antecedents unidentified or cannot offer safe proof cling to fish. Yesterday, the reporter is visited in the market in discovery, had done not have on market cling to the fish sells.

Fosan city sanitation supervises institute director Yu Jianping to introduce, cling to the fish cries again " pig of east dark grain " , a kind be balloonfish fish, majority is artificial fresh water breeds. Current, as a result of aquatic product branch to cling to the fish is poisonous have no clear conclusion, because this assures very hard cling to piscine edible is safe, wholesome supervisory branch prohibits all the time cling to the fish is sold in the market. Yu Jianping is mentioned, the seafood inn that Fosan once discovered before defending inspect department two years is sold cling to fish, undertook investigating at once. But advanced paragraph of time is right in seafood market and the examination that feed four, did not discover cling to piscine sale. The branch that defend inspect can continue to be opposite cling to piscine sale undertakes monitoring, also welcome a citizen to undertake informing against to this.

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