Effect of disinfection of dinner service of employment of the meal since April 3
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" disinfection of dinner service of employment of Daqing city meal runs temporary measure " will rise to be carried out formally on April 3, ask without disinfection or sanitation of alexipharmic effect short of, taboo
Tableware disinfection does not amount to mark to be able to be punished 5000

Tableware is wholesome, it is the focus that diner pays close attention to all the time

Civil / Wei Yanli of evening paper reporter pursues / Jiao Hongwei of evening paper reporter

On April 3, " disinfection of dinner service of employment of Daqing city meal runs temporary measure " (the following abbreviation " method " ) carry out formally. After, the citizen arrives restaurant repast, will use alexipharmic dinner service. And ask without disinfection or sanitation of alexipharmic effect short of, taboo. " method " in regulation, alexipharmic tableware if standard of short of sanitation, punishment tableware disinfects an unit 5000 yuan.

Harm of the person that A tableware does not disinfect pair of repast is great

Common saying says, get ill by the mouth.

And use epinosic tableware, to repast person the harm is great.

Afraid tableware is not wholesome, have a meal to restaurant every time, repast person the bowl chopsticks before metropolis cross-eye is pursy brows. Although individual restaurant says those who use is alexipharmic tableware, but sterilize the effect, let a person very hard also be at ease.

Sanitation of the health bureau that occupy town supervises institute director Jiang Wenhai to introduce, current, between treatment of a lot of a slap-bang shop narrow small, amount of the pool that wash disappear is insufficient, accomplish hard wash, 2 rinse, 3 disinfection, 4 strong. And the cubage that disinfects ark is insufficient, cannot satisfy alexipharmic need.

Jiang Wenhai says, the employee washing disappear of meal course of study, most age slants big, culture is inferior, master all sorts of disinfection method hard. Some meal inn to save disinfectant, disinfect to partial tableware only, some is washed only even do not disinfect. Some meal inn, to omit report, do not use alexipharmic ark at all, after tableware is washed, wipe with dishcloth use directly.

B tableware centers disinfection to be able to have 4 big gain

Nowadays, the citizen's concern will give up thoroughly.

" method " after coming on stage, inn of cafeteria, snack bar, snack, dining room, will use alexipharmic dinner service, without alexipharmic tableware, will by taboo.

Jiang Wenhai says, in whole town promotion use concentration disinfects tableware, it is to ensure tableware is wholesome the best method of quality. This action still can reduce the happening of disease of the sex that feed a cause, make sure citizen repast is safe.

"Tableware centers disinfection, have 4 big gain. " Jiang Wenhai emphasizes, the biggest advantage is the tableware sanitation that everybody knows. Tableware disinfects an unit centrally, must use course country to be approved about the branch, the course is disinfected one by one stoving, close one by one the manufacturing facilities that pack undertakes tableware is disinfected. And pass sampling observation a few times, the concentration that the our city uses now disinfects tableware all qualification.
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