Cafeteria must install lampblack to purify establishment
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Ceng Yun) bureau of city environmental protection disclosed yesterday, all whole town cafeteria must purify establishment at lampblack will be being installed before the bottom in June, lampblack discharges what cannot amount to mark, the Olympic Games wants close down to rectify and reform during the meeting. It is reported, wineshop of fancy, one class mixes the country unit of meal of block of meal of business street of cafeteria of China old name and periphery of Olympic Games place, characteristic, characteristic will become a key to check an object.

Harm of meal lampblack pollution is great, in discharging atmosphere without depurative lampblack, be but one of main source of inspiratory grain content. According to this city the 14th phase controls air pollution measure, the meal business that arranges lampblack contaminant and unit dining room must install lampblack purifying device, ensure amount to mark to discharge. Fan Da is less than a requirement, stop lampblack pollution to arrange task, give lawfully by relevant section punishment. A few days ago, industrial and commercial bureau of bureau of bureau of bureau of city environmental protection, city business affairs, fire control of city public security, city allotted jointly " about print and distribute " job of processing of Beijing meal lampblack implements plan " announcement " , before asking all meal sheet is located in by June, want to install lampblack to purify establishment entirely, purify establishment to undertake care and maintenance to lampblack, discharge conduit to undertake clearing to lampblack. June, bureau of city environmental protection will form group of test of association, undertake to key area and key meal enterprise type is checked helping a network, have punishment and exposure to violating compasses cafeteria.

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