Building of house of line of business of service of meal of Guangzhou desire sta
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The residence 5 plan to ban eating house inside rice

(announce of annulus of Qiu Sui of Chenwei of Zhang Yuqin of reporter Sun Tingting's reporter)

"If plan was passed, all with circumjacent house building the eating house of 5 meters of less than wants to ban, all and lawful eating house should fill do annulus to review procedures, if eating house is put in lampblack, noise to wait for faze civilian problem serious, will not give its to deal with annulus to review procedures, also can say not to continue to manage to him.

" the reporter learns yesterday, pollute faze civilian problem to solve food to serve industry, guangzhou city announced what draft by the branch such as environmental protection yesterday " the announce that pollutes faze civilian about line of business of service of food of prevention and cure " (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) , this day rises, the citizen can reflect an opinion.

Environmental protection complains catering trade to occupy two into many

Relevant controller introduces bureau of Guangzhou city environmental protection, line of business of service of Guangzhou city existing food is close 30 thousand, basically center in bay of the Milky way, more beautiful, Li, Bai Yun to mix the area such as a Yu. These meal owner should be installed in commerce flourishing area and commerce live area, in convenient masses while, also brought pollution to around dweller, lampblack, noise, sewage and occupy manage, place chaos to sell in disorder etc the circumstance is relatively outstanding.

According to statistic, of the eating house that the dweller examines and approve without environmental protection downstairs complain already became environmental letter to seek issue of the heat in complain and be being investigated, difficulty. Censorial detachment received city environment in all last year environmental pollution complains 5857, complain about what food serves industry have 1250, involve lampblack among them complain have 763, those who involve noise have 493, two occupy the 21.3 % that always complain a quantity in all.

This controller is analysed, because relevant policy code exists,its become long-standing issue basically is blemish, city superintends mechanism of function branch general management each have not perfect, superintend execute the law ability presence is scant.

The residence 5 eating house will be banned inside rice

The reporter understands, release yesterday in asking for an opinion to stalk of grain, to dietary lampblack course of study it may be said of faze civilian problem went out " ironhanded " article. Listed 4 places prohibit building generation clearly lampblack, waste gas, effluvial other perhaps the food that damages human body health serves an item, this is released in city of Guangzhou of one's early years " air pollution prevention and cure sets Guangzhou city " in have early allude. These 4 places are the residential building that does not contain commercial skirt building respectively; Did not establish form a complete set to plan the business of special flue lives multi-purpose building; Business lives inside multi-purpose building the floor with adjacent of dweller layer photograph; Be not worth 5 meters place with the distance of circumjacent house building.
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