Meal course of study does not get open air to process food
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Report from our correspondent (reporter Peng Fang) yesterday, health bureau of the Changsha City was reported small meal course of study is wholesome in this year punish and public sanitation establish working program. Before August 30, city health bureau will organize each area, county (city) health bureau divide up the work and assign a part to each individual or group, to area under administration inside in small meal and public unit chases management sex door come to supervise guidance, center punish. Management unit of the condition is not accorded with after be not rectified and reform to refus or be being rectified and reform, be investigated lawfully or ban.

Repast place is due the establishment that prevent fly

Municipal government will be medium or small this year punish included the sanitation of meal course of study to look for solid item of run by the local people, ask the utilization rate that disinfects tableware achieves 100 % . City health bureau will be right in state of sanitation of small meal course of study supervises and urge rectify and reform: Food processing division must be installed indoors, do not get open air to machine processing, must not with the life, living area lump; Enter by raw material, the circuit that treatment of material handling, semi-manufactured goods, finished product supplies is reasonable layout; Deploy complete and effective prevent the fly, dustproof, establishment that prevent rat and the deposit litter establishment that accord with wholesome requirement. Repast place is due the establishment that prevent fly. Part of one's job of the catharsis pool that processes animal sex food and plant sex food, work station, appliance opens place, have apparent label. Eat appliance cleans alexipharmic place to should be installed alone, use what chemistry disinfects to set 3 special pool at least. Provide a measure the food with enough, normal movement is refrigerated (refrigerant) establishment, contented unripe cooked food tastes the requirement that deposits apart.

The patient such as hepatitis must not enter natatorium place

"Changsha will be public to managing a gender have comprehensive repair, the key is place of inn, bath, hairdressing beautify hair place, natatorium house and culture public place of entertainment. " Ceng Zhengguo of director of city health bureau expresses. The beard and hair inside the service place such as the guesthouse, hostel, bar, sauna that wash bath makes work or place safety to cover. The beard such as basin of inn bedding, face, tub one guest changes one disinfection. Culture public place of entertainment should paste ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade marks, set special smoking room. The showing number interval that shows the motion picture is not gotten little at 30 minutes, empty field time not less than 10 minutes. The seat is in public place of entertainment of culture of etc of the cinema of 800 above, odeum due and rigid drafting apparatus. Point of natatorium place entry must be installed " contagion of path of conjunctivitis of sex of haemorrhage of trachoma of forbidden hepatitis, serious illness, acute, tympanitis, bowel, mental disease, venereal wait for patient and sot to enter " mark, set device of shower of compulsive through type and pool of dip foot disinfection. Waiting room of public traffic waiting room, hospital is due and apparent mark of ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade; The waiting room such as public traffic should establish alone smoking division. Hospital waiting room should strengthen disinfection when the disease is popular, hospital of contagion specialized subject should be disinfected one day. Commodity and food must not sell inside the waiting room.
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