Bureau of Guangdong environmental protection: Open meal inn to had wanted a heal
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The announce that pollutes faze civilian about line of business of service of food of prevention and cure " come on stage nearly 10 days, lampblack is complained have add without decrease. Yesterday, bureau of Guangzhou city environmental protection is received visit, 26 are received that day morning visit case, almost with lampblack, noise faze civilian is concerned.

" announce " after coming on stage, many citizens raise doubt: 5 meters of meal inn besides not " pollute " the life? "We do not open a window to be able to smell the flavour of the fried dish! " live

Express in the Lin Jianhua of republic road, downstair " inn of Han Shangyuan beautiful soup " send out the life that the lampblack that go out, steam and noise are perplexing their family deeply. And, the lampblack of meal inn, liquid waste often draws mosquito patronage... live in Zhongshan area of 8 Li bay an old person near 43 middle schools offers: "Return our comfortable surroundings, 10 meters of less than prohibit building meal inn to also had been not been. 10 meters of less than prohibit building meal inn to also had been not been..

"We had been complained last year, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry also has been checked, but the result of the examination is them,did not manage a fried dish kind food. How likely? So big lampblack! " Lin Jianhua's couple is saying furiously, take out the photo that took yesterday, photo shows have lampblack. And this inn discovered somebody takes a picture yesterday, make today corresponding " clean " measure.

"This is belonged to exceed limits to manage. " concerned controller says frankly, some merchant are trickier and trickier now. This place was carried, that place leaves again, will check today, they know a news it seems that like, was cleared away clean yesterday.

Have citizen proposal, plan of hope usage law restrains owner, "If owner was not hired, the eating house nature of that pollution was banned " .

Environmental protection bureau expresses about chief, " announce " after be being carried out formally, the ability after meal inn hopeful agrees through bureau of health bureau, environmental protection allows to get a card to manage, is industrial and commercial bureau agrees not just. He expresses, can control pollution from fountainhead so, is not the ability after meal store has been built go wanting to do law corrupt.

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