Meal trade use secret makes eat can be punished with scour 200 thousand
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The reporter pledges from Yantai city inspect bureau learns, although the country already used scour to implement system of admittance of quality safety market to eat, but a lot of consumer also need to add with scour to bulk eat stick " QS " what the mark knows is very little. The basis concerns a provision, bulk eat is not added with scour stick " QS " the mark is top can be in 200 thousand yuan of amerce.

According to investigation, the harm sex knowledge that consumer uses scour without card and inferior eat to bulk is insufficient still, think eat is abluent one-sidedly as long as can decontamination goes, little imagine is inferior eat is met with scour " wash dirtier more " , can form bacterial pollution. Qualitative inspect branch checks discovery, because eat lotion manufactures craft and manufacturing recipe,compare simple, cost is low, partial black mill uses an a few a hovel, buckets, rod only, one day can produce a few tons, its produce quality quantity to cannot assure at all.

As we have learned, bulk eat sells an object with scour basically is meal industry. Because meal industry wash makes dosage bigger, and price of this kind of product is low and deliver goods comes, get reception of unit of a few meal quite. (silver billows Mo Yan)

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