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Dispatch of net of Chinese peaceful wave (country of Ge Rong of reporter Pang Jinyan's reporter) do not pay disinfection tableware fee cannot have dinner! Such " clause of Xiang Yu the Conqueror " let a lot of consumer cannot be accepted. Although meal inn is active,offer set model every charge does not exceed alexipharmic tableware 2 yuan, but consumer still enforces this kind to partial meal enterprise consumptive practice feels furious.

Since this year, city disappear is protected appoint receive early or late a lot of about set model disinfect what tableware expends to complain a phone, pass investigation to check, city disappear is protected appoint pointed out yesterday, collection of partial meal enterprise " set model alexipharmic tableware is expended " action is apparent enroach on consumer is lawful rights and interests, should give check.

Offer alexipharmic tableware enterprise to should be used up duty

Consumer report, alexipharmic tableware has bowl, cup, spoon, dish every sets 4 things, the dinner service that consumer uses is far more than 4, other whether is the tableware that does not collect fees separately meant did not pass disinfection? If other tableware also is disappear is too poisonous, so why do these 4 want again does additionally collection disinfect cost? City disappear is protected appoint express, collection " set model alexipharmic tableware expends " it is a kind of unscientific practice: "Set model alexipharmic tableware " by special disinfection inn is disinfected, back and forth freight is tall; Meal enterprise not only oneself do not assume alexipharmic responsibility, still want to earn from which unexpectedly on brushstroke; The plastic packing rubbish that arises from this goes against environmental protection.

City disappear is protected appoint express, should from go up at all the wholesome problem that solves tableware, still must rely on meal enterprise oneself to strengthen sanitation management, fulfil legal obligation, is not shift responsibility to consumer, make consumer " bury sheet " .

City disappear is protected appoint think, providing alexipharmic dinner service to consumer is operator should use up responsibility. According to " Food Sanitation Law of People's Republic of China " the 8th regulation, in the wholesome requirement that must accord with in food production management process, put forward clearly " tableware, drink is provided and fill the recipient that puts immediate entry food, before using must via abluent, disinfection, drink is provided, appliance has been used must abluent, keep clean " .

To meal enterprise collect fees the country also has specific provision, the country concerns a section about print and distribute " meal repairs regulation of property price action " the announcement points out the 8th times, "Meal service project has stipulator additionally except the country outside, operator does not get optional collection fee of the service outside the price of any items or other form price are adscititious valence " . Accordingly, offer the responsibility that alexipharmic tableware is meal enterprise to consumer, expenses already arose in food expenses, meal enterprise cannot collect fees additionally.
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