Nanchang: Draft legislation to restrain meal course of study faze civilian behav
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Xinhua net Nanchang on October 5 report (reporter Li Meijuan) the effect that in the light of meal course of study swift and violent development gives life of urban government, environmental protection, dweller to bring, the form that Nanchang city drafts to pass legislation restrains meal course of study faze civilian behavior. Announced recently " method of prevention and cure of pollution of environment of industry of Nanchang city meal (ask for an opinion to stalk of grain) " , soliciting opinion and proposal to personage of social all circles at present.

" method " regulation, meal estate project ought to purifying device of lampblack of setting of form a complete set and lampblack discharge establishment, prohibit be being discharged without purifying the lampblack of processing; Project of estate of strict control meal is mixed in high street of shopping centre footpath, urban district commerciality air conditioning is installed near dweller door window; Meal estate operator must not use the scour that contain phosphor, the exercise activity of the contaminative environment such as only course, catharsis does not have inside limits of be in uptown, public passage, wadi government. In the meantime, the attrib border noise that meal estate project produces ought to accord with the environmental noise that the country provides to discharge a standard, must not be outdoor the of all kinds equipment of tall noise pollution of setting, use generation.

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