Meal course of study does not offer bill to belong to to consumer break the law
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Reporter follow-up
Reporter Xiehui is diligent
Duty Wu department says, meal course of study no matter with why be being planted reason does not offer bill to belong to illegal behavior to consumer, the citizen can be dialed 12366 undertake complaining.
Citizen: Meal industry often says bill is gone already
7 days, the reporter understands in interview, many citizens had been encountered outside going out, have a meal backward restaurant asks for bill, and the circumstance with gone bill be announcemented. "I am in shop of a food of small town to have a meal to say bill gave out every time. Still feel at the beginning it doesn't matter, but the time became much unavoidable let a person suspect a bit. Do not have a likelihood every time so artful. " Ms. Chen that often leaves eating house tells a reporter, although the other side can put forward actively to give receipt first, receipt is traded by receipt when letting her come again next time next, but because not be,go every time this cafeteria has a meal, the circumstance that goes changing so is not much.
When still the citizen says to burying sheet, the member receive silver of cafeteria can be tasted with give sb a present, hit the form that change not to offer bill to consumer. Mr Zheng says, he and girlfriend are in the city zone have dinner of hall of a Western-style food, because consumption became full certain amount, the clerk when burying sheet delivered a piece of small bill that can exchange beverage when be consumed next time. But when asking for bill to the clerk when him, if wanted bill to send without small bill,be informed clearly however. Many citizens are mirrorred, very few cafeteria can offer bill actively when consumer buries sheet, a little big still files expresses clearly to be offerred without bill.
Duty Wu branch: Meal course of study is stolen, situation of dodge a tax is more general
The such intensity with the whether true supply of that bill, and " is bill already gone " , " replace bill with gift " etc is action legal? For this, that day afternoon, the reporter interviewed Zhong Honghui of director of bureau of city cess Wu. "At present bill of Wu of tax of estate of our city meal is supplied enough, nonexistent the state that is short of bill, operator can be in charge of a tax authority to get at any time buy. " Zhong Honghui says, meal course of study is after the charge of collection consumer, no matter with why be being planted means does not provide the action of bill to its,be the circumstance hides an income likely rise, achieve thereby secretly, purpose of dodge a tax. The punishment to this kind of behavior " taxation ask forring provides a way " inside express clearly, after investigating by tax authority pursue and wipe out its not capture is little perhaps the imposition of capture, fine for delaying payment, be in not capture is little perhaps 50% above fines the imposition of capture below fivefold, be like those who make crime, still can investigate criminal duty lawfully.
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